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Peter’s current projects


In his never ending commitment to improving businesses, products and services, Peter is always developing and achieving unique ways of frontier future focus.


His current projects are:

1: A rapidly growing business that focuses on SME Work Health & Safety Compliance. Peter has created a system which simplifies all the jargon, lowers the hours of paperwork and ensures the SME businesses become Compliant in a time and cost efficient manner. Peter is now expanding the business into other states. Peter is also working on the next stages of what will become the next areas of Compliance requirements for businesses, Ergonomics- in office, warehouse & travel, also developing a leading program for businesses on premises Environmental Compliance. This is a real leading edge development for what will eventually become a standard requirement for all businesses

 2: Rebuilding a Not For Profit Association that has been supporting Centers throughout rural & regional areas that was originally created to teach people how to operate computers. This need has diminished and now a new focus is being developed for these Centers to provide worthy services & support to their communities.  Peter is developing a strategic development process that will enable these Centers to provide many government & corporate services that are currently only available in major cities but on a central location point within each Community.

3: Developing a learning academy for SME’s in smaller communities to educate them as to how to build their business and overcome challenges such as – online competitors, large chain store competition and small town mentality. Peter’s drive and passion for small community SME’s is that they learn, simply to be; proud, themselves, to manage a small business with pride, passion and that it is fun to be small and different.