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Peter’s background

Picture4 Peter has, with his work experiences an extensive knowledge of a wide range of industries, strong business structural and operational capabilities, excellent analytical, research and product development skills, Board roles and Institutional Compliance – these skills make Peter a business creator authority. His incredible capacity to not only see things in simple terms but also to focus on, be passionate about, develop and manage or mentor on 2 or 3 major businesses at the same time is inspiring to say the least. His continual positive attitude of “Why Not” instead of “Why” signifies his energy and capacity to take on challenges and excel at them.

Peter has shown his business capabilities many times, a few examples being;

** The creation of an agricultural group that grew in 5 years from start up to being worth $30m, with 5 different crop businesses,

** The development of 2 manufacture and processing businesses with distribution outlets and several international wholesale distributors,

** Developing a start-up mobile app company for a group that within 6 months had a team of 15 and clients having apps

** Co-created a start-up natural nutriment MLM company that within 12 months was purchased by one of the major MLM companies in the USA,

** Took a regional area major bank from being the second lowest performing region out of 28 to 15th some few months later and to then being 5 best region after 18 months,

** Built a company that marketed unique environmental land projects,

** Redeveloped companies that sold – office equipment, advertising & print services, graffiti removal services, association services and memberships, IT support services.